Thursday 11th 

Event Prize Time
OC1 & OC2 Sprints Medals 6pm
OC 8km Race Medals 6pm
OC1 & OC2 16km Race Medals 6pm
Surf & Ocean Ski 3km Race Medals 6pm

Friday 12th

Event Prize Time
Dash for Cash Medals 6pm
OC6 16km Women Medals 6pm
Surf & Ocean Ski 7km Race Medals 6pm
OC 16km Races Medals 6pm

Saturday 13th

Event Prize Time
KW Challenge & OC6 500m Sprints Medals 6pm
Surf Ski 25km Marathon Medals 6pm

Sunday 14th

Event Prize Time
OC6 42km Marathon Medals 7pm

For an event/division to qualify for prize money a minimum of five (5) teams must have nominated for the event.