To make the most of your family holiday we have professional, qualified babysitters available to care for your children while you enjoy a special outing.

Their rates are $25* per hour. 

Contact our babysitters directly to discuss your requirements.

(Most of our babysitters have regular jobs on the island, please text your details and they will call you as soon as possible).
*Your babysitter will advise of rates for groups of children and/or for New Year’s Eve.

Aimee P

Blue card. Currently studying childcare and work in Hamilton Island Kindy. I have been babysitting for Hamilton Island since July 2015.
Availability: Every week night after 5.30pm. All day Saturday and Sunday.


Blue card. I have grown children of my own and have lots of experience with babysitting. I am a swim teacher and also work in the fitness industry as a Yoga teacher.
Availability: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday nights after 5pm and during the day Friday and Saturday.

Yui (Tina)

Blue Card, Diploma of Children’s services. I have 4 years experience working in childcare centres and do casual work at Hamilton Island kids club. Experience with all age groups.
Availability: Every day after 3pm.


Blue Card. I have experience on Hamilton Island with HI Kindy and Clownfish Club, I have 5 years experience with children and babysitting.
Availability: Sundays and Mondays.


Blue Card. Have experience with all ages and have been babysitting for many years. Current First aid certificate.
Availability: Wednesday, Thursday and Friday all day and night and text for other availability.


Blue card. I have currently been babysitting for the Hamilton Island kids club (Clownfish Club). I also have a small family on island. First aid, experience with kids with allergies/anaphylaxis.
Availability: Monday – Friday from 5pm and some weekends.


Blue card and 1st aid. I am 46 years of age and have been on Hamilton Island for four and half years. I am currently studying for my 'Diploma of Community Services' and have experience in babysitting.
Availability: Available Monday to Sunday, day or evening. Please text for availability.


Blue card. Advanced diploma children's services, 18 yrs working with children, mum to two small children, Director Clownfish club, First aid, CPR, asthma & anaphylaxis
Availability: Available all nights.


Blue Card. Current First Aid. Over 20 years babysitting experience with all ages including infants. Manages Hamilton Island Designs.
Availability: Sunday – Thursday from 6:30pm All day Friday and Saturday.


Blue Card. Bachelor of Education. Trained Medical Assistant. Long term resident on island for over 7 years.
Availability: Please text for availability.


Blue card, currently studying Diploma in Children's services, 5 years experience working with children of all ages. First aid, CPR, Anaphylaxis trained.
Availability: Every night after 4.30pm and available on days off please text for availability.


Blue card, current first aid. I currently work at Hamilton Island Kids Club (Clownfish Club) as a group leader and have been working with children for many years.
Availability: Every night after 5.30pm.


Blue Card, and First Aid incl. CPR, External Defib, Asthma and Anaphylaxis trained. Highly experienced, have worked with children of all ages on-island at Hamilton Island Kindy and Kids Club (Clownfish). Available for a few hours or multiple dates during your stay.
Availability: Monday - Sunday after 4:30pm.

Chelsea W

Blue card, bachelor of primary teaching, bachelor of early childhood studies, first aid and asthma and anaphylaxis trained. 10 years experience. Has worked at Clownfish Club for 3 years.
Availability: Monday - Sunday all day.


Blue card, experience with all ages and have been babysitting for various families for the last 3 years. Dance teacher for school age kids.
Availability: Please text for availability.


Blue card and current first aid certificate. Working at the clownfish club and have had many year of experience babysitting.
Availability: After 5:30 Monday-Saturday, all day Sundays.


Blue Card. Occasionally work at the clownfish club and kindy on Hamilton island. Have had previous experience for over 3 years with all ages.
Availability: Every night weekends all day.


Blue card. Experience working with children of all ages, work experience in Hamilton Island Kids club (Clownfish Club) during school holidays.
Availability: Thursday to Monday after 6pm.


Blue card, First aid. Experience babysitting all ages including infants, have been babysitting on Hamilton Island for past 2 years.
Availability: All day Friday and Saturday. Sunday – Tuesday after 6pm.


Blue Card. 10 years experience babysitting children of all ages 6 of those on Hamilton Island, casually employed by the Clownfish Club since 2011 very experienced with children disabilities. Current first aid. 
Availability: Please text for availability.


Blue Card. I have lived & worked on island for 9 years, doing babysitting over the past few years. Experienced with all ages & have grown children.
Availability: Nightly after 6pm.


Blue card. Have 8 years experience in babysitting and experience with disabled children of all ages.
Availability: All nights after 5.30pm and all day weekends.


Blue card, works at clownfish club, fully qualified nanny with 5 yrs exp ranging from 0-14 yrs, first aid and cpr, asthma and anaphylaxis, childcare swim safety.
Availability: Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 6:30pm. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 5pm and all day Sunday.


Blue card. Experienced babysitter of 8 years. Previous roles include a personal assistant with hands on childcare. Experience with all ages. 
Availability: Flexible - please text for availability.

Julianne P

Blue Card. Experience with all ages and with disabilities, Previously Education support worker in New Zealand.
Availability: Please text for availability.


Blue card. First aid. Experienced with all ages. 5+ years’ babysitting experience. Nurse at the Island Medical Centre.
Availability: Every night after 5:30pm.


Blue card, 3 years experience in child care and disability service, experience with babies up t o 18 yrs with disabilities, room leader at child care centre, diploma in  early child hood education.
Availability: Every night after 5:30 including weekend.


Blue Card. Over 10 years+ experience with children of all ages, including volunteering with Disability Services Australia.  New to Hamilton Island but long time local to the Whitsundays with Events and Weddings background.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me in any regard or any occasion desired.
Availability: Please text for availability.


Worked in a childcare facility, babysitting on and off the island, have a nephew who I’ve cared for on different occasions.
Availability: Nights from 5pm


Babysitting on and off the island, have nephews and nieces who I’ve previously cared for on different occasions.
Availability: Nights from 7.45pm


Blue card and First aid certificate. Well prepared with activities and provides a fun and safe environment for the children. More then 7 years of babysitting experience, 3,5 years on Hamilton Island. Confident with infants from 4 months and up.
Availability: From 6:30pm and all day on rotating days.


Blue Card. 6 years on island, mum of two small children aged 2 and 6. Experience with disabilities.
Availability: Please text for availability.


16 yrs of experience of all ages, blue card, first aid CPR, has nannied overseas in the past.
Availability: Please text for availability.

Megan Johnston-Cree

Blue card, first aid and CPR, diploma early years and special needs education, 6 six year experience  with all ages. Specialises in 0-2years of age.
Availability: Daytime, including weekends.


Blue card, 1 year babysitting, certificate in primary teaching.
Availability: After 6pm, including weekend.

Jo Agresta

Blue card. I am an experienced babysitter with children of my own.  Confident in all ages and experience with kids with allergies/ anaphylaxis.
Availability: Monday to Friday nights after 5.30pm.


Blue card. 3 years Teacher Aide in Primary School, 2 years Cert 3 in Children Services in long daycare, First Aid, CPR, Analphylaxis, Asthma, Face Painter.
Availability: Saturday / Sunday daytime only.


Blue Card. I have my certificate III in childcare also First Aid, I work at clownfish and HI Kindy at Hamilton island on a regular basis. I have 6 years of previous childcare and babysitting experiences.
Availability: All nights after 5:30pm.


Blue card. Have been au pair and babysitting on Hamilton Island for the last 6 years.  Confident with all ages.
Availability: Please text for availability.


Blue Card. First Aid, Teacher Aide at the local primary school also Hamilton island Kyokushin karate instructor. I also work with the guest activities team as a fun crew attendant. I have been babysitting on Hamilton Island for over 4 years.
Availability: Afternoons from 4pm. Except for Mondays and Wednesdays.


Blue Card. Current first aid, grown family and grand children. Experience with all ages also with disabilities.
Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and most evenings after 6pm.


Blue Card. Current First Aid. Previous babysitting experience and Mum to 3 young children.
Availability: Nightly after 6pm.


Blue Card. Previously worked 4 years in Children’s fitness centre from ages 6 months to 10 years old. Mandarin speaking. 
Availability: Text for availability (after 7.30pm).