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Hilly Half Marathon LogoStamford Financial Hilly Half Marathon Sunday, 4 May 2014

To help you improve your running style (and hopefully finish time) in this year's Hilly Half Marathon, champion runner and qualified health coach, Hanny Allston will be running a 1.5 hour running technique and nutrition clinic on Hamilton Island, Saturday 3 May.

The Find Your Feet clinic covers a host of techniques and tips which are perfect for putting into practice over the mountainous course that is the Hilly Half Marathon.

  • How to run easily and efficiently uphill
  • How to relax running downhill
  • Key running technique principles
  • The science behind electrolytes and glucose and tips for keeping hydrated

All registered participants in the Stamford Financial Hilly Half Marathon are free to join this coached running tuition and nutrition clinic - but please register your interest in attending the clinic.

You'll need to bring running clothing, shoes, sun protection and water for the clinic, and participants should meet at 2.15pm on Saturday 3 May, at the Reef Lounge (ground floor of the Reef View Hotel).

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