Entry and Nomination Information

All clubs wishing to compete in the Clash of the Paddles must complete a Club Nomination via the AOCRA website.

Australian Competitors

Australian competitors can nominate through their club or member nominate as per the usual AOCRA race registration system. Payment is processed at the time of nomination , via either pre-authorised Direct Debit or via credit card.

International Competitors

International competitors similarly must nominate through the AOCRA nomination system. All competitor names must be entered at this time. Payment must be processed at the time of nomination, via credit card. 

Click here to Nominate as an International Competitor or as a Non AOCRA member. 

IMPORTANT: All teams competing in the Hamilton Island Cup 42km marathon MUST complete an Escort Boat form. or your team will not be eligible to compete. Click here to complete the Escort Boat Form.

Note all credit card payments attract a 2% merchant surcharge.

Club Nominations

Club Nominations close Sunday 1st June 2015. 
A fee of $50 per paddler will be incurred for late registrations. 

Once a Club Nomination has been received, a Clash of the Paddles Race Kit will be emailed to you. This kit contains the Race Programme, Social Programme, Barge Schedule, Escort Boat Registration Form and Canoe Request Forms. 

International team nominations are entered at the time of initial Club nomination due Saturday 7th June 2015.
The late fee will incur from midnight on the 7th June 2015.

All clubs/teams may list on their Team Nomination three (3) more paddlers than allowed in the race, i.e. reserves. They may then substitute for the original crew in case of injury. 

Under no circumstances can crews change between sprint heats and finals.

K.W. Catseye Challenge

The K.W. Catseye Challenge is a 6km Fun Race - celebrating the life of Keith Williams - who not only was the Pioneer of Hamilton Island he was responsible for creating Outrigger Canoeing as a sport in Australia. 

This race is a "dress up" themed race - that requires one of the paddlers from each team to do a mini sprint at the end.  There will be random prizes - and the most important rule to be followed for this race is to HAVE FUN!   Create any type of team you like.  

Nomination Fees

OC6 16km $25 per person
OC6 500m $20 per person
OC6 Changeover $30 per person
OC1 16km $30 per person
OC1/8km $25 per person
OC1/OC2 250m/500m $20 per person
OC2 16km $30 per person
OC2 8km $25 per person
Catseye Challenge $20 per person