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Arriving on Hamilton Island

It’s been weeks since you secured your dream job, signed your contracts and you are now stepping off the plane in the beautiful Whitsundays. What happens now?

On Arrival

We will meet you upon your arrival to Hamilton Island. All new employees are required to travel to Hamilton Island on a MONDAY or TUESDAY only.

Our On Boarding Manager will also:

  • Meet you on arrival.
  • Assist you to complete the remainder of your employment documentation (please ensure your necessary documents and photo ID are easily accessible in your hand luggage).
  • Assist you to collect your Staff Identification Card & Uniform.
  • Provide a basic tour to help you become familiar with the Resort and the facilities offered at Hamilton Island.
  • Return you to the jetty if you are living on the mainland or show you through to your room if you are living on the island.

Your First Days

If you are living on the island; Monday and Tuesday you will settle in to your new home, complete your employment paperwork, collect your uniforms and ensure that all essential pre-employment preparation is complete.

On Wednesday all new employees will participate in our Induction program, which gives you an overview of the company structure and policies (including customer service & personal grooming standards, rules and regulations, WH&S), HIE Values and benefits of being a part of the Hamilton Island team.

Your Department Manager will introduce you to your workplace and colleagues, and provide you with your roster. Depending on your position, you may also participate in further training programs prior to entering your workplace. These details will be provided to you upon your arrival.

Grooming and Uniform Policy

Your personal grooming, hygiene and presentation are very important in providing an outstanding holiday experience for our guests. Whilst on duty, employees must not have any visible tattoos and visible body piercings (including tongue studs) must be removed. The full grooming policy (including other jewellery and hygiene specifications) is provided on arrival. View the complete Grooming Policy.

You may need to provide your own footwear and socks or you may be required to purchase these from the uniform department (specific to your department). All additional requirements will be confirmed upon employment.

Unless you are specifically told to bring your own uniform, you will be provided with a uniform. Upon your departure from the island, if you do not return any of your uniform items or if they are in a damaged condition, you will be charged the full amount for those items.

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