Race Rules

Paddler’s Responsibility:


  1. Competitors must obey race referee / starter and all water safety craft / personnel
  2. Competitors must aid others in trouble
  3. Competitors must wear a solid form PFD and leg rope during the 3km, 7km and 25km ski races
  4. Competitors must wear their race number and attach it to their craft
  5. Competitors must wear the Hi Vis rash shirt provided in all races

Highly Recommended

  1. Carry adequate fluids to complete races entered by competitor 


Paddlers must wear high visibility Surf Lifesaving Racing Vests, solid form PFD 2 & 3 to current Australian Standards, whistle in accordance with Australian Ocean Racing Technical Committee Guidelines - Australian Canoeing.

Race Management:

  1. Race numbers are required and will be given to competitors at registration
  2. High visible race series shirts are required to be worn and will be issued at registration 
  3. Course is subject to change at the discretion of the race referee, it may be modified to take advantage of the weather conditions or safety preparation. All competitors are notified, in the event the race is cancelled.
  4. Craft will be subject to a seaworthiness safety check
  5. Pre-Qualification Competitors – are competitors in their first race, they must complete Ski Short Course.
  6. Whilst on water competitors retire downwind to the next emergency meeting point, explained in briefing
  7. Course is subject to change at discretion of the Race Referee, it may be modified to take advantage of the weather conditions, all competitors notified.


  1. Surf and Ocean Ski (Double and Single) – 3km course including Catseye Bay and Fitzalan Passage
  2. Surf and Ocean Ski (Double and Single) – 7km course from Catseye Bay to Dent Island Passage
  3. Surf and Ocean Ski (Double and Single) – 25km long distance course, down wind from Lindeman Island to Hamilton Island’s Catseye Bay
  4. Surf and Ocean Ski – 500m Dash for Cash, top 10 from 3km race + lucky draw within Catseye Bay
  5. Eliminator - Invite only, within Catseye Beach

Locations and Course Maps:

Course maps will be available for viewing on this website soon. The courses are wind dependent and could run – in alternate courses. Paddlers will be notified the day prior or on the day should the course be reverted to an alternate course.

Starting Times:

View the Event Schedule page for both starting times and briefing times.

Registration for all events:

Registration for all of these events will be in the Bougainvillaea Marquee, from Wednesday 10th June through to Saturday 13th June (8am – 5pm).

Course brief for all events:

This ensures all paddlers have had the same briefing and all paddler names are marked off in the master sheet. The course briefing times and locations can be found on the Event Schedule Page.

Prize Money

For an event/division to qualify for prize money a minimum of five (5) teams must have nominated for the event.