Barge Information

SLSA Gear Transportation

SLSA is in the process of arranging FREE Ski transport to Clash of the Paddles at Hamilton Island!
The three locations where this service will leave from are as follows:

  • A specified surf club on the Sunshine Coast
  • A specified surf club on the Gold Coast / Surfers Paradise
  • A specified surf club in Sydney’s Northern Beaches
  • Further details will be available soon, including departure dates and times. Stay tuned. 

Barge Bookings

Hamilton Island will be providing a complimentary barge service for Ski transport from Shute Harbour to Hamilton Island and return. Hamilton Island will be operating additional barge runs to transport Skis and equipment from Shute Harbour to Hamilton Island.

All clubs must request barge space for their Skis equipment and passengers by the end of May 2015.  This can be done by completing the barge booking form available below.

You will receive written confirmation of your barge booking, complete with transfer times and a booking number once space has been confirmed for the transportation of your equipment, so please include contact name, phone/fax numbers, trailer registration number, dimensions of fully loaded trailer (L x H x W) and description of skis on your form. The barge will only be run when required and space is limited as it is the main goods carrier for Hamilton Island, so if you do not book space for your trailers and surf-skis in the allotted time they may not be transported.

Please note: it is at the discretion of the Barge Operator whether trailers will be transported over to Hamilton Island or not, depending upon the barge load and or suitability for trailers use in barging operations with ground clearance during loading. This is predominantly to safeguard again damage to equipment and as a result barge loading may be reschedules if this occurs.


Can guests travel on the barge?  Yes, however this is subject to availability.  It is recommended that a Club representative should travel with the surf-skis on the barge to supervise and assist with loading and unloading.  Requests for barge travel can be made via the Barge admin office (07) 4946 9543 or 0439 675 279 or All passengers MUST wear enclosed footwear.

What happens if I arrive at Shute Harbour Terminal after hours?  If you will be arriving at Shute Harbour outside of operating hours (business hours Monday to Friday 07:00hrs to 15:00hrs) you can arrange to leave your trailer in the loading yard at Shute Harbour.  Please note that this MUST be organised in advance with the Barge admin office so you can be advised of the entry procedure to the loading yard. HIE does not accept responsibility for personal items stored in surf-skis during transit that are lost, damaged or stolen.

How do I prepare my surf-skis/trailers for travel on the barge? Please refer to the barge loading information sheet.  Clubs are reminded to pack tyres on which the canoes can be placed during transportation in the event that trailers are left at Shute Harbour. Surf-skis MUST be placed right side up on trailers, and suitable club personnel should travel with the surf-skis on the barge to supervise and assist with loading and unloading.

Where can I park my vehicle? Parking is available for a fee at Shute Harbour Secure parking – to make a booking please contact on 07 49469666 or Council paid parking is available at the Cruise Whitsunday Shute Harbour terminal. Please note parking is not available in the Hamilton Island Staff parking area. Vehicles parking in this area may be towed. 

What happens when I leave the Island? You must make sure you have secured your surf-skis and equipment at the storage site. Once you have done this, the barge and events team will arrange for your surf-skis to be taken to the Hamilton Island barge before your allocated barge time. If you are booked as a passenger to travel on the barge it is your responsibility to be there on time.

What happens when my surf-skis, vehicles, equipment get to Hamilton Island? The barge and events team will organise for your surf-skis to be collected from the barge on Hamilton Island and taken directly to the storage centre.

Barge Schedule. Will be available soon. Bookings are subject to availability and additional Barge runs may be provided if required.

Forms and Loading Information

Barge loading information
Barge loading booking form

Please note that bookings will not be taken over the phone and a confirmation of booking email MUST be available on request by Barge Terminal Crew.


For all barge bookings and enquiries please contact the Barge admin office at Shute Harbour on (07) 4946 9543 or 0439 675 279 or (business hours Monday to Friday 07:00hrs to 15:00hrs).