Aircraft Landing and Parking Request Form

Great Barrier Reef Airport is a private airport and prior permission to land is required. Please complete the Landing & Parking form with your planned trip details.

Should you require further services, ensure you choose the correct ones. It is your responsibility to ensure all entered details are correct. It is your responsibility to arrange any further services that you requested while completing the form.

For fees and charges, please refer to our facilities and charges page.

For any Airport Stakeholder fees and charges, please contact provider directly.

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us directly.

Parking of an aircraft is at the owner’s risk and no responsibility will be taken by Hamilton Island or Hamilton Island Airport for any damage to aircraft whilst parked at the Great Barrier Reef Airport.

Contact Details

Required for whereabouts in the need of contact

Aircraft Details

Flight Information

Required for whereabouts in the need of contact
If more than 20 passengers, please detail in comments section

Additional Services

Only Swissport offer this service.

Please contact Whitsunday Aviation Refuelling on

Booking Check

I am responsible for arranging any required additional services such as Ground Handling, Marshalling, Waste Dump, Refuelling and Transfers to/from the Airport. I have entered and checked all the relevant information of my booking. I affirm the information in this form is true.
All cancellations or changes to the details noted above should be communicated to Alternatively, please contact our Safety Officer on 0414 594 592.
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