Clownfish Club Enrolment

To enrol your child/children for the Hamilton Island Clownfish Club, please read through our enrolment terms and conditions, accept and submit at the bottom of the page. You will then be presented with a link to complete your enrolment details.

1. I/we agree to ensure that the child is brought to and collected from the Centre by a responsible adult (parent, guardian or authorised person) and that said adult signs the child into and out of the Centre.  The responsible adult will ensure that staff are aware of the child’s arrival and departure

2. I/we understand that staff at the Centre will take every precaution to ensure the safety of my child.  In the event of an incident/accident occurring to my child, I/we give permission for centre staff to administer first aid

3. In an emergency situation, if deemed necessary, I/we give permission for the person in charge of the Centre to:

  • Call an ambulance for my/our child
  • Seek emergency medical/dental treatment for my/our child

I/we understand that Centre staff will make every effort to contact me/us. I/we agree to pay any necessary cost in such an event

4. I/we agree that we will abide by the Medication Policy of the Centre and provide a Doctors letter or pharmaceutical label outlining the medication, dosage and administration times or prescription medication that shows the child’s name and a current date plus medication dosage and administration times.  Parents/guardians are asked to give medications to a staff member and complete medication request form for the child each day. 

Do not leave medication in your child’s bag or mix it in drink bottles

5. I/we agree to keep my/our child home if he/she is suffering from any contagious conditions or is generally unwell and therefore unfit to participate in the normal daily activities of the Centre.  I/we will collect my/our child promptly if the child becomes unwell while at the Centre

6. I/we agree to inform the centre in relation to any issues relating to my/our child, and any changes to person collecting my/our child

7. I/we give permission for my/our child to be photographed while at the centre – either still photos or video footage

8. I/we give permission for my/our child to have sunscreen applied at the Centre. HI Clownfish Club provides everyday sunscreen 30+

9. To comply with the Sun Smart policy, I/we agree that my child will have appropriate sun smart clothing that covers my child’s shoulders

10. I/we are aware of the planned activities/excursions as advertised on the program

11. I/we give permission for my child/ren to participate in celebrations or events such as birthdays, Christmas and Easter. (Please specify any events you do not wish your child to be involved in)

12. I/we have read, understood, and agreed to all the Permissions and Conditions set out in this Enrolment Policy

Accept Terms & Conditions*: