Restaurants dinners Restaurants dinners

From corporate group dinners to independent dining for conference guests, Hamilton Island offers plenty of options.

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Restaurant dinners

Hamilton Island offers a wide selection of restaurants where you can host business events and functions - and where guests can dine independently throughout their stay.  

From relaxed cafes to fine dining restaurants, Hamilton Island offers a huge range of options when it comes to dining. 

What you’ll love about Hamilton Island’s dining options for business events:

  • Coordinate or host your business events at several of our renowned restaurants. Your dinners can be as formal, or informal, as you choose - and you can also enjoy reserving the whole restaurant for your private use.
  • There’s a wide range of restaurants and cuisines across the island, including Australian, South-East Asian and Italian. 
  • With such a wide range of restaurants and bars across the island, your guests can also have plenty of options when it comes to dining independently throughout their stay.