Sea Kayaking adventures 

Experience all the beauty and diverse marine life in the waters around Hamilton Island - from a sea kayak. Hire your own from Hamilton Island Beach Sports and explore at your own pace, or let an experienced guide show you the way. 




Sea Kayak Adventure Paddle シーカヤックツアーに参加してウィットサンデー諸島の素晴らしいサンゴ礁と静かな水辺をお楽しみください。


Sea Kayak Sunset Paddle シーカヤックサンセットパドルツアーでハミルトン島周辺の海を巡り、ロマンティックな休日をご体験ください。

Ways to explore Hamilton Island by sea kayak:

Hire your own kayak

Gently paddling at your own pace, you’ll have the chance to see a whole world of spectacular and colourful marine life, including tropical fish, coral, turtles and manta rays.

Take a Sea Kayaking tour to explore the fringing reef

Let an experienced guide lead you around the fringes of the Great Barrier Reef - and learn all about the region and its unique marine life.

Take a sunset tour

For a truly romantic experience, you can also take a Sea Kayaking tour as the sun is setting over the Whitsunday waterways.