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Free Shuttle Bus on Hamilton Island

The free Island Shuttle follows three routes around the island, with several services an hour scheduled from 7am to 11pm daily.

The free shuttles pick up and drop off at convenient stops throughout Hamilton Island’s different precincts, including the Marina Village, Catseye Beach, resorts and One Tree Hill. The round-trip route around the island takes just over half an hour.

Shuttle bus map

Hamilton Island shuttle bus map

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 Map Legend

1 Golf driving range
2 Hamilton Island Air
3 Passage
4 Marina View
5 Yacht Harbour Towers
6 Trader Pete's
7 Romanos Restaurant
8 Watersports
9 Shorelines
10 One Tree Hill
11 Whitsunday Blvd
12 Coral Sea Ave
13 One Tree Hill
14 Ocean View
15 East View
16 Mango Tree corner
17 Resort Centre
18 Whitsunday Holiday Apartments
19 Reef View Hotel
20 Poinciana
21 Passage
22 Old wire flyer
23 Valley Views
24 Palm Valley entrance
25 School
26 Cocos Apartments
27 Bansia
28 Heliconia
29 Marina Tavern
30 H20 Sports
31 Ice cream parlour
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