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Hamilton Island Marina Facilities

Hamilton Island Marina boasts many facilities to help make your stay effortless.

Hamilton Island Marina Facilities

Hamilton Island Marina boasts many facilities to help make your stay effortless.

Hamilton Island Marina Facilities

Hamilton Island Marina boasts many facilities to help make your stay effortless.

Hamilton Island Marina Facilities

Hamilton Island Marina boasts many facilities to help make your stay effortless.

Hamilton Island Marina Facilities

Hamilton Island Marina boasts the following facilities to make your stay effortless.

Restaurants and Bars

With sophisticated, award-winning restaurants, laid-back caf├ęs and takeaway options, and a whole selection of inviting bars, there are plenty of ways to enjoy eating and drinking on Hamilton Island. Whether you’re looking for a memorable meal out, a bar with an incredible view, relaxed dining, or even some delicious takeaway, Hamilton Island offers a world of choice.

Hamilton Island IGA

Located at the southern end Front Street in the Marina Village, the store offers a range of products including fresh fruit and vegetables, meats and deli produce, kitchen supplies and pantry items. Keep an eye out for the weekly specials catalogue which can be found in store. The Hamilton Island IGA Supermarket is a plastic bag free store, so we encourage guests to bring their own carry bag. However, cloth bags can be purchased for 0.99 cents.

Open: 8.00am – 7.30pm, daily, Phone: 07 4946 8898

Hamilton Island Bottle Shop

The Hamilton Island Bottle Shop is located alongside the IGA Supermarket. Choose from a range of local and imported beers, fine wines and spirits, plus non-alcoholic beverages.

Open: 10.00am – 9.00pm, daily, Phone: 07 4946 8901

Restrooms and Showers

Restroom and shower facilities are available in two areas adjacent to berthing for easy of convenience, for visiting vessels. They are open 24/7 and do not require a key or access code. Our amenities are cleaned on regular intervals daily to keep them in a high standard of operation.

Laundry Service

Laundries are located near the restroom facilities and are open 24/7. Washing machines and dryers cost $4.00 per load. There are note operated coin change machines available for ease of use. There is also a full laundry service available including dry cleaning.

Power and Electricity

3 Phase Power (32/63/125 amp) is available.

Please note, all electrical leads that are plugged into our dock pedestals (shore power), need to be tested and tagged by a professional electrician, display an in date tag on the lead, and have a minimum rating of 15amps (IP65 rated). Shore power leads remain the responsibility of the vessels owner or representative. Marina or maintenance staff may remove the lead from our pedestal and inform the owner, if it is reasonably deemed that the lead is damaged and likely to pose a threat.


Our 24/7 fuel wharf is located on the south side our marina between F and G Arms and can be accessed by vessels 30 meters and under. Offering Low/High Flow diesal and unleaded fuel. Payments are available via Card facilities on the fuel wharf or contact the marina office for cash sales. All vessels wishing to utilize our fuelling facility need to contact the marina office prior to arriving at the marina entrance to ask for clearance. In some instance the fuel jetty may already be in use and a waiting period may be required for access. We welcome your business and value your understanding during busy periods.


Hamilton Island is committed to recycling and requests all visiting vessels to separate their domestic waste into recycling and non-recycling lots. Deposit those lots into the appropriate bins provided for disposal or recycling.

Waste Disposal

All industrial waste; needs to be logged with the marina office for disposal including mechanical, electrical, white goods, waste oils, contaminated fluids (oily bilge water, water and fuel mixtures) fees may apply for disposal.


Passes can be purchased from the Tour Desk located in the Main Resort Centre. Hotspots are located in our restaurants and bars around the marina precinct and resort area.

Gas Refills

Gas fills are available at the Chandlery 07 4946 8138; please bring your bottles to the Chandlery on your date of arrival for filling in the afternoon. We can organise fills outside the allocated time when staff are available. All gas bottles need to be in date (within 10yrs from manufacture) and in good condition to be filled.


We have trolleys available for visiting vessels to utilize for reprovisioning, aid in waste disposal and to help with moving luggage around. They are located at the start of each arm for convenience. Please contact the marina office 07 4946 8353, if you are unable to locate a trolley and our staff will endeavour to find you one.

Post Office 

Australia Post has a franchise located in the marina precinct; they can provide full post office services including banking. You can have mail sent to the marina office to hold for collection while you are cruising the Whitsunday area.

Hamilton Island Retail

Hamilton Island provides a wide range of shopping facilities on island including Newsagency, Florist, Jewellery Shop, Hair Dressers, Art Galleries and an array of boutiques that cater to both high end, resort and casual wear.


Hamilton Island encourages your feedback, we are interested in any praise, concerns or suggestions you may have to help enhance our facilities and services. Our staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service always, we want to surprise and delight all our marina guests.

A guest feedback form will be included in your berthing welcome pack and can be returned to the Marina Office and or you can complete our online form. Leave Feedback